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Exponential Flexible exponential model with a flat background. DEFINITION This model calculates a variety of exponential functions. The scattered intensity $I(q)$ is calculated as $I(q) = \text{sc... Shape-Independent 07 Mar 2020 smk78 0
2 Layer General Guinier Porod Implementation of the 2 layer General guinier porod model described in B. Hammouda, "A new Guinier–Porod model", Journal of Applied Crystallography, 43(4), 716, 2010 Shape-Independent 03 Feb 2020 dfsunday 0
Core double shell sphere filled with many cylinders in the core Orientationally averaged form factor for a monodisperse spherical particle with a core-double-shell sphere structure, filled with circular cylinders in its core. Note that the platelets inside ... Sphere 18 Nov 2019 p3scmr 0
Fractal S(q) Calculates the structure factor term ONLY from the Fractal model. Definition ------------ The Teixeira & Chen fractal structure factor. Calculates the structure factor for mass fractal aggr... Structure Factor 19 Sep 2019 smk78 0
Mass Fractal S(q) Calculates the structure factor term ONLY from the Mass Fractal model. Definition ---------- The Sinha-Mildner-Hall fractal structure factor. The functional form of the structure factor is ... Structure Factor 18 Sep 2019 smk78 0
Core shell cuboid Output: P(q) = \frac{\text{scale}}{V_{cs}} \int_{0}^{\pi}\int_{0}^{2\pi} f^2(q,\theta_Q,\phi_Q) \sin(\theta_Q) d\theta_Q d\phi_Q + \text{background} where f(q,\theta_Q,\phi_Q) = ( \rho... Parallelepiped 02 Aug 2019 p3scmr 0
Core shell sphere filled with a cylinder in the core Orientationally averaged form factor for a monodisperse spherical particle with a core-shell sphere structure, filled with a circular cylinder in its center. Output: P(q) = \frac{\text{scal... Sphere 24 Jul 2019 p3scmr 0
correlated_spheres Definition ---------- The 1D scattering intensity of two correlated spherical particles can be written as: $P(q)=F_1^2 + F_2^2 + 2*F_1*F_2 * sin(qD)/qD$, where $F_1$ and $F_2$ are the scattering ... Sphere 30 Mar 2019 Tianfu 0
WoodSAS This model is tailored for fitting the equatorial intensity profile from wood samples (Penttilä et al., 2019). The model consists of three independent contributions: 1) Scattering in the plane per... Cylinder 15 Mar 2019 penttila 0
Nanodisc This is a simple re-parameterisation of the core-shell bicelle model such that it can be more easily applied to the fitting of a phospholipid nanodisc. Cylinder 02 Dec 2018 arm61 0
TestModel Something Other 12 Oct 2018 tim.snow 0
Core Shell Bicelle Elliptical Belt Rough Definition This model provides the form factor for an elliptical cylinder with a core-shell scattering length density profile. Thus this is a variation of the core-shell bicelle model, but wi... Cylinder 08 Sep 2018 sasview 0
Core-Chain-Chain (CCC) Model This form factor describes scattering from spherical cores (nanoparticle, micellar, etc.) that have chains coming off normal from their surface. In the case of the Core-Chain-Chain (CCC) Model, th... Sphere 23 Aug 2018 mjahore 0
Star Polymer w/ Excluded Volume This model describes scattering from a star-branched polymer where the arms of the polymer may have excluded volume, i.e., they need not be Gaussian chains. Under this model, the form factor of ... Shape-Independent 22 Aug 2018 mjahore 0
Casein Micelle Bouchoux This model comprises three populations of polydisperse hard spheres, corresponding to, from the largest to smallest size: Level0 - The casein micelle, around 100 nm in diameter. Level1 - Hard r... Sphere 03 Aug 2018 jaredraynes 0
test_cfile testing c file Shape-Independent 16 Apr 2018 wojciechpotrzebowski 0
AJJ Test 1 This is a file upload test Other 03 Apr 2018 ajj 0
Linux_Testing_Model This model is just to make sure that we can upload models from linux. This needs to be deleted shortly Structure Factor 06 Mar 2018 adam.washington 0
test name blabla Other 28 Feb 2018 celinedurniak 0
Four layer neutron reflectivity Calculates specular reflectivity for upto 4 slab-like layers on a substrate. Follows Parratt formulism[1]: \[ R_n=\frac{r_{n,n+1}+R_{n+1}\exp{2id_{n+1}k_{z,n+1}}}{1+r_{n.n+1}R_{n+1}... Other 15 Dec 2017 simonm 0
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